Water Games to Make Your Pool Parties More Fun

Water Games to Make Your Pool Parties More Fun

Nothing speaks of summer quite like a pool party! Pools are great because they do all your planning for you. After all, when you have a pool, all you have to do is send the kids outside in their swimsuits and they will take care of the rest, right? Well, you’d like to think that, but pool owners know that kids, teens, and even adults require a bit more structure than that. People need something to do in the pool just as much as they do on dry land–that is, if you want to keep them engaged for any significant amount of time. Here are some activities that will make your next pool party much more fun!

Water Volleyball

Water volleyball is a fantastic party game because it can get a lot of people involved. You can also cater it to any skill level. For the serious volleyball players, feel free to start up a game that follows all the same rules and strategies as a normal volleyball game. On the other hand, novices can have just as much fun hitting the ball back and forth over the net without worrying about the rules of regulation volleyball. You can find pool volleyball sets that range from very inexpensive plastic ones that work just fine to high-quality permanent nets. 

Water Basketball

One simple way to provide your guests with plenty of entertainment in the pool is to invest in a water basketball hoop. Once again, these hoops range in price from a few dollars for an inflatable hoop to expensive built-in structures. How much you spend doesn’t really matter because kids, teens, and adults alike can have just as much fun with each option. Once you have your poolside hoop set up, you can break up into teams and play a traditional basketball game or work on your shooting with a pick-up game of PIG.

Water 9 Square

If you’ve played–or even just seen–9 Square, you will be ecstatic to learn that there are water versions of this epic game! All you need in order to convert your Castle Sports 9 Square structure for the water is the special H20 converter set. The set includes 4 adjustable legs with attachable flotation devices and 2 pool anchors to hold your set in place. This converter set allows you to bring the fun and excitement of 9 Square to both the pool and the lake. 

If you have yet to discover this amazing game, it is basically a cross between volleyball and 4 square. The tall, cage-like structure holds 9 squares–one for each player. Like in 4 square, players hit the ball into each other's squares in an attempt to get people out and move up toward the King’s position. However, like in volleyball, you hit the ball up rather than down. It is a fast-paced, competitive game that is fun for people of all ages and skill levels. Put it in the water and you amp up the fun even more! 

Water Spikeball

Spikeball is another fun-filled, amphibious game. Even if you haven’t ever played spikeball, you have probably at least seen it being played at parks, in your neighbors’ backyards, and on school playgrounds: this condensed little game is taking the nation by storm! It consists of a miniature playground-type ball and a small, taut, circular net that stands a few inches off the ground. It is played in teams of two, with each team taking turns hitting the ball onto the net. Bring it into the water and you’ve got an added element of fun. Plus, it’s an exciting new challenge to master this fast-paced game in the water. If you already have a spikeball set, all you need to make it amphibious is the Spikebuoy leg floats and anchor bag. This game can be played in the pool, at the beach, and even on the lake. The depth of the water poses different challenges for you to master! 

Giant Inflatables

You’ve seen them in people’s yards, but giant inflatables can be purchased or rented for the pool as well. There are slides, bouncers, boats, obstacle courses, seesaws, and even giant chicken fight inflatables–all designed for your next pool party! Perfect for your younger guests, giant inflatables can provide hours of fun without you having to do a thing–other than blowing up the inflatables. Just don’t forget the electric pump or your arms will be screaming at you within a matter of minutes!

Pool parties are great because the entertainment is already there for you. However, the last thing you want is for your guests to jump in the pool, splash around a little, get bored, and wonder what to do next. To prevent this from happening, you will probably need to get a little more involved with the activities than just showing your guests the pool and expecting them to entertain themselves. Luckily, there are a host of water games and activities to choose from that will take your pool party to the next level!

You might be wondering where you can find a portable, durable, easy-to-set-up Water 9 Square set. Luckily for you, Castle Sports has got you covered! Click here to order yours today!

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