What are Infinets?

Infinets are like Legos for your PE class. They can be arranged for many different games.

How long does it take to set them up? 

Set-up time varies by configuration, but here are the three main ones:

  1. Soccer/Hockey Net (5 frames and 2 stands): 5.5 minutes to set up and 3.5 minutes to take down one net. Two will take twice as long.
  2. Gaga Ball Pit (10 frames): 10 minutes to set up and 4 minutes to take down.
  3. Pickleball Net (3 frames and 4 stands): 3.5 minutes to set up and 2 minutes to take down.

What can I do with them?

Infinets are designed to be the most versatile PE equipment in the world!

Some of the key games you can play with Infinets would be:

  1. Gaga Ball: You can make a large Gaga Ball pit that can accommodate over 30 students. It has two easy entrance points, high walls, and a strong metal frame.
  2. Pickleball: With 3 frames and 4 stands per net, you can make 3 sets of pickleball nets that are very durable and easy to set up.
  3. Soccer Nets: You can make 2 (5.25” x 5.25” x 2.5”) goals with 5 frames and 2 stands each. 
  4. Soccer Rebounders: By using the frames you can practice juggling, volleying, passing, shooting, and dozens of other soccer drills off of the elastic nets.
  5. Reverse Soccer: You can set up two goals with their backs to each other to encourage students to try passing rather than dribbling in circles.
  6. Handball: Game Frames can be arranged to 1 full-size handball goal or 2 small handball goals.
  7. Tchoukball. Angle one frame to be used as a tchoukball rebounder.
  8. Baseball Rebounder: By using stands or two other frames you can use the net as a rebounder to practice baseball drills.
  9. Obstacle Course. You can use the frames as hurdles, tunnels, or walls.
  10. Hungry Hippos: By making 3-5 makeshift goals you can play the Hungry Hippo game.
  11. Tennis: You can line up 8 frames to get 1 full-length tennis net, or you could make 2 shorter-width tennis nets.
  12. Maze: You can put the frames in various configurations to create a maze.
  13. Field Hockey: You can create goals or boundaries to keep the ball in play.
  14. Panna: A caged soccer experience; You can build a panna cage with the frames.
  15. Boundaries: The boundaries can be used to stop balls from going out of play, under the bleachers, or simply to establish boundaries.
  16. Bowling Boundaries: Create a bowling backstop and partial lanes with Game Frames.
  17. Human Foosball: Make a perimeter with the frames and then have everyone hold onto a piece of PVC to establish lines.
  18. Make your own game: There are hundreds of other games you can play. It just takes some creativity. Let us know what games you come up with and we’ll feature you in the Game of the Week Newsletter!

How do I store them?

Infinets are made to be highly portable and easy to store. You can store them stacked on each other, on their sides, on a wall, or a cart.

Can I get multiple sets of Frames?

The fun thing about Infinets is that the more you have the more things you can build. We recommend our starter pack of 10 frames and 12 stands to allow for over 30 different games, but you can get as many as you want.

Do we Accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we accept Purchase Orders.

Are there discounts?

Yes, for Churches, Schools, Camps, and other non-profit organizations we do offer discounts.

Bulk discounts are available upon request. If your district or organization is interested in multiple sets please reach out to us at customerservice@castlesports.com. We are happy to help!